Loleithaart is an expression of my Cultural lens.

In the creative zone ('It's Time' 2015)


In the creative zone ('It's Time' 2015)


  "Make art from your heart, from your cultural lens, it is freeing to express your inner self." (Loleitha Evelyn, 2013)

 The themes I have chosen to explore reflect the subjects that I am most passionate about such as identity, ‘race’ and gender representation, all reflected along the historical continuum of world events. My intention for reviewing these elements of life is to produce a series of meaningful artistic images which impact on a deeper level for all who experience my work. I investigate the perceptions of people of colour and particularly in this instance; the ‘Black British’ experience. 

 As a trained Beauty Therapist and Sports Massage Therapist, I also have an interest in body form, tones and well-being; these also resonate in my work.

 Being a Woman of Colour I naturally and intuitively focus on the human condition, physiognomy and the varying perceptions of People of Colour. The style of my work is figurative and expressionistic; however, it leans towards me probing and questioning perception beyond the surface level. What shapes our perception and ideology?.

 I use a variety of creatively sourced mediums and materials in my Artwork, however, currently, I have chosen to work with Painting, Casting and Sculpture. Working in 3D with these mediums support my artistic processes and what I wish to produce and share with the world. My work is concept-driven and explorative of racial illustrations, all of which is very evident in my Artwork. The scale of my Work also varies from almost life-size to life-size, although the paintings are mainly scaled to the size of canvases deliberately selected.

I hope you, the viewer fully engages in a contemplative and reflective process as you journey through my artistic process.

Loleitha Evelyn

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